Transervice has been created by the aim of helping in  the development of External Commerce and specifically to open the doors of the international marketing to companies as yours, which are already provided with an active presence in Internet.


In the process of globalization in which the world commerce is plunged, the ability to carry forward your company´s information to the potential markets is a vital tool.


What better way of making it attractive to your actual and future customers than by means of the use of their own language?


Transervice provides a high quality translation service, to ensure that your translations are 100% accurate.





It is shaped by a group of people from different ethnic and countries. The teamwork skills and the mastering of the English language as a link are vital elements for the development of our activities in the translations field.


Our collaborators are not just native speakers in their own languages, but in turn they perform activities related to the translation's world.  Because of this and  the experience in handling software related to the field as well as their professional capacity we can offer you a suitable and efficient service accordingly to the current times.


Our politics of translation are based on the accuracy for registering in the destination´s language  the spirit of the original message.  Because of this, our works are not plain idiomatic conversions as those that are carried out by translation´s software, but rather they fulfill its communication roll by providing a comfortable and intelligible reading experience.


Our offices are located in the city of Tampere in Finland and we are provided with the latest advances regarding equipment and broad band Internet connections.


Usually our works are delivered in word files, respecting the original structure of the document, but we can also deliver the works in formats such as PDF, InDesign, Power Point, HTML etc.  We try to stick to the original layout  so that our clients only have to place the translated text in the original source of the document.


You can trust that with our support your company will enter into the world of the global business with the right foot.







We are specialized in translation of:


- Web pages

- Catalogues

- Manuals

- Applications of Software

- Documents in general





 English, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French into others.

 In case of needing any other language you can ask us. We are provided with a wide network of native collaborators.




We regularly evaluate our customers’ views with regard to the quality of our services, especially those who order translations jobs continuously. Here some comments into others:


 "Thank You! You are great!"

"There is many words what has not translated in Finnish never before :) you have special role with that!"

"Kiitos! Tämä tuli ripeästi.."

"I have proofreaded your translation very fast and on my understanding quality was good."

"Thank you very much for your quick actions. We appreciate it very much!"

"we get the translation and everything was correct. Thank you very much!"

"My evaluation criteria’s are; services, quality, information (activity) and price. This market study gives very positive picture of your services."

"Kiitokset käännöksestä, hyvältä näyttää."

"Kiitoksia nopeasta ja hyvästä palvelusta. Olen yhteydessä jatkossakin, kun tulee lisää."

"Thank you very much. You have done a Great job."

"Thanks. Everything is going smoothly."

"Thanks for the translated text. I read it through a couple of times ... and it looks very good.

Well done!"




 We always prepare our quotations on a case by case basis!


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Transervice  General Terms and Conditions apply to all translation assignments.






Our clients are companies that are provided with an active presence in the Internet and those that at the present are thinking about how to extend their markets beyond the national boundaries.

Each product and service must be customized to meet specific cultural, language, legal and technical requirements in each target market. The language in which this information is transmitted can mean the difference between the success or the defeat in the above mentioned efforts. Not all the potential clients speak English, there are many important markets where thousands of companies are using only the language of their own country, thousands of companies that can need your products and all depends on a deeper effort of insertion by means of the use of their original languages.

Transervice has created a strategy designed to support you in this target, offering professional translations that not only are correct idiomatically , but in turn they transmit the original spirit of your message.

The manuals, documents, or web pages that are entrusted to us for the translation are processed directly by professionals  who are native in the languages of destination, obtaining a highly qualified product and duly tested both, in the form as well as in its orthographic righteousness, which turns your translation into the most powerful  marketing tool of your company.

Ours tariffs are one of the most suitable of the market and the prices are tied directly to the quality and extension of the work.

If you need our support, do not hesitate to get in touch with us sending an email with your inquires.  We will be pleased to help you.





CONTACT Transervice Kalkun viertotie 1 D 66 33330 TAMPERE E-mail: orbi@transervice.fi Telf. 358 40 184 4117



The following general terms and conditions shall apply for the contractual

relationship between Mirella Ortiz Bianco Y-Tunnus 2128432-1 hereinafter called

“Transervice” and its customers:

Transervice operates a translation service that is available to customers

worldwide via the Internet. Native freelance translators do the translations.


Data Protection

All translation assignments will be treated strictly confidential. 100%

confidentiality cannot be guaranteed during communication in electronic form

between the customer, Transervice and the translator.

If translations are sent by mail, or by another authorized mail-order firm, the risk

of accidental loss, the risk of accidental setback, or the risk of late delivery with

the transfer of the translation to   the mail, and/or the appointed mail-order firm,

shall pass to the customer. No liability beyond the damages paid by the post

office and/or mail-order firm shall be assumed by Transervice.

Transervice reserves the right to keep a copy of any translation for a set period of

time, provided the customer does not expressly object at the conclusion of the




Our offers are subject to alteration and without obligation. Each of the current

price lists, and the prices named in the individual offer, are valid.


Formation of the Contract

A contract with Transervice is formed by the transfer of the customer's order via

electronic mail or by sending the signed order via ordinary mail.



Text is translated exclusively. Text with punishable content, and text that offends

common decency, can be refused by Transervice even after the conclusion of

the contract.

Generally, with Transervice, the customer submits text in electronic form.

Generally, the customer receives the translation in electronic form, as well. The

customer informs Transervice of the desired file format at the time the order is


The source material must be legible, and be transmitted at the time, and in the

format, given by Transervice. Transervice is not responsible for delays in delivery

resulting from the late delivery of source material, or delivery in a differing format.

All changes and additions to the source material must be transmitted to

Transervice, after clear indication of the changes compared to the original



Prices and Deliveries

Prices and delivery dates for the implementation of changes and additions to the

source materials in translations, whose conveyance has already begun into the

target language, will be determined according to the scope of the changes, and

the scope of the percentage of the translation already made. Transervice shall

notify the customer with an estimate of the additional costs, before the changes

and additions are implemented. The scope of a translation will be calculated

according to the number of words or pages, unless otherwise agreed upon.

The minimum contract value shall amount to 55 Euros, Plus ALV.



The customer shall receive the invoice through electronic mail. The invoice

amount shall be due immediately and without deduction, net cash, if not

otherwise agreed upon. The customer's payment shall be done by transfer to

Tran service’s company account.

If the ordering customer cancels an order, without being legally or contractually

authorized to do so, completed work shall be provided to the customer and the

customer shall be charged. Enforcement of further legal claims shall remain

reserved, where appropriate.

In the case of the customer's default of payment, Transervice reserves the right

to collect interest in a legally regulated amount, as damage caused by default.



Translations shall be carried out with regard to spelling, grammar and linguistic

usage according to the generally recognized rules of the target language.

Transervice translates technical terms and special vocabulary with the

conventional and customary meaning. Freelancers use as working tools

dictionaries, technical dictionaries and internet resources, If the customer has a

certain terminology or form request for the translation, deviating from the

generally recognized rules, then he shall communicate this, and provide the

corresponding instructions (sample texts, parallel texts, glossaries and such).

The usage of the customer's specific terminology must be expressly agreed upon

at the time the order is placed. Upon the translator's request, the customer shall

grant technical consultation.



The customer guarantees and confirms that the translation of the source material

as well as the publication, the marketing and distribution, the sale and every

other use for the translation being delivered, shall not represent a violation of

patent rights, copyrights, trade mark rights, patent rights, or any other rights of a

third-party, and that he is totally authorized to have the text translated. The

customer shall release Transervice from all claims concerning this matter.



Transervice shall be obligated to carry out the translation in such a way that it

contains no deficiencies. Insignificant deficiencies shall remain unconsidered.

Further, Transervice shall be obligated to ensure that the translation will be done

without abridgements or additions. Transervice shall reserve the right to add

comments, footnotes, etc., for the understanding of the text in the target


The finished translation will be reviewed for completeness and data format, as

well as other recognizable deficiencies at first glance, and sent to the customer.

The date sent from Transervice, shall be considered as the time of receipt of the

translation. If the customer raises no objection within 10 days of the reception of

the translation this shall be considered approved. In this case, the customer shall

abjure from all claims that he could be entitled due to possible deficiencies of the


If the customer criticizes a deficiency existing objectively, within the 10 day

deadline, then this deficiency must be described as precisely as possible in

writing. The customer has to communicate simultaneously within which time

period the deficiency should be eliminated.

Transervice will thereupon initiate the removal of the deficiencies within the time

period mentioned, provided this time period is reasonable, in all other respects,

within a reasonable time period. If the first removal of the deficiencies fails,

Transervice is entitled to touch up the translation, in turn, on the basis of the

deficiencies described in writing as precisely as possible by the customer, again.

If the second removal of the deficiencies fails, the customer is entitled to a

reduction of the fee agreed upon of the number of words failed.



Transervice is a translation office which sales translation services and uses freelance translators of around the world in its translations jobs. We take care that our translators are native speakers of the target language or they have an excellent command of the required language. We take all the possible care in choose them, nevertheless if any problem with the quality of the job arises, we will assume responsibility as follows:


• The maximum liability shall be limited to the value of the order in case the removal of deficiencies fails as per indicated in the clause “Services” and being understood that the claim has been addressed within the first 10 days of received the translation.

• The customer assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of the translated text such as and not exclusive: printing material, uploading to a web page, sending to customers or colleagues by emails or regular mail, uses in conferences or for publicity purposes etc.

• We accept no liability or responsibility to any person or organisation as a consequence of any reliance upon the translated text delivered to the customer.

• Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall anyone involved in the translation of the text delivered by the customer to us be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or loss profits that result from the use of the translation.  Nor shall they be liable for any such damages including, but not limited to, reliance by any user of the translated text; or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, printed material, uploading of translated text to any web sites, deletion of files, viruses, errors, defects, or failure of performance, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to the translated text.   States or Countries which do not allow some or all of the above limitations of liability, liability shall be limited to the value of the order.

• The translation delivered to you should not be considered legal, medical, financial or other advice and is not intended for legal, medical or financial questions.

• All liability claims, warranty claims and claims for damages shall be limited to the

value of the order. In any case this claims should be submitted after 10 days of received the translation.

• If it turns out after the acceptance of the order by Transervice, that the order

cannot be carried out within the time period agreed upon, due to good reason

(e.g., sickness of the translator, or technical defects in the network), Transervice

shall notify the customer immediately.

• If the supply of the translation service is not possible due to a higher power, or

other unforeseeable events (e.g., traffic hold-up, strike, blackout of the power

supply, or the like), then the expiration of any deadline shall be suspended during

this time. The deadline shall not begin to run until the corresponding disruption is


• Legal rights exist exclusively to Transervice for the customer, not to the

respective translator. Direct customer-translator contact is only possible with the

consent of Transervice.


Final Provisions

If any of the provisions be, or become, ineffectual, fully or in part, the remaining

provisions shall remain in effect. If not indicated in the customer’s order in

contrary, this General terms and Conditions are applicable to all works done by




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