It is formed by a group of people from different ethnicities and countries. The teamwork skills and the mastering of the English language as a link are vital elements for the development of our activities in the field of translation.


Our collaborators are not just native speakers of their own languages, in addition they also perform activities related to the translations’ world.  Consequently due to their experience in handling software related to the field as well as their professional capacity we can offer you a suitable and efficient service keeping up to date  to the current times.


Our politics of translation are based in the accuracy for expressing in the destined language  the spirit of the original message. Hence our work is not plain idiomatic conversions as those that are carried out by translation software, but rather they fulfill its communication purpose by providing a comfortable and intelligible reading experience.


Our offices are located in the city of Tampere in Finland and we are provided with the latest advances regarding equipment and broad band Internet connections.


Usually our work is delivered in word files, respecting the original structure of the document, but we can also deliver the  files in formats such as PDF, InDesign, Power Point, HTML etc.  We try to stick to the original layout  so that our customers only have to place the translated text in the original source of the document.


You can trust that with our support your company will enter into the world of the global business with the right foot.





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